Whom to Trust, Whom to Believe…

Dear Friends and Foes,

During the last several years, I’ve spent a lot of time sharing with you “the dark side of the Moon”. The deer hunting in and around our “conservation” area, the “pandemic” and the “measures”, including the “vaccination” agenda, the Freedom Convoy and the peaceful truckers’ protests, then, the war in Ukraine. I’ve never thought that it would take so much time out of my life but I believed that participation in democracy required informed decisions and a public debate. This called for information and arguments used by both sides of the divide. Since the mainstream media did a good job presenting the official narrative, I concentrated on the alternative news and views that were censored and missing in the official propaganda. This is now coming to an end, for a few different reasons.

Firstly, it appears that the official “pandemic” narrative has already collapsed. Too many high ranking lawyers, scientists and doctors have taken a stand, voicing their critical opinions and publishing their studies about the “measures” applied by governments, employers, and other institutions. Among the supporters of these measures the most disappointing were universities, hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies. Aren’t they supposed to know better? Did they conduct the research, did they use their own knowledge, their own critical thinking skills to connect the dots and arrive at their own conclusions? It seems that the answer is “No”. They just followed the orders. And I am not even talking about the presstitutes.

The amount of official lies on the “pandemic”, on the Freedom Convoy, and on the situation in Ukraine tells me that our politicians and the media types have completely switched to virtual reality. They believe that they create reality by making up stories about it, irrespective of and often contrary to the real situation. Unfortunately, many people have fallen into this trap and completely believed in what the TV box was telling them. Today, on March 21, (the first day without mask mandates in Ontario), I went to several large stores and medical establishments. I looked at people. Most were still wearing these completely ineffective masks, many wore them improperly, some still lined up for experimental and ineffective shots. Many medical facilities still required “masking”. They no longer had to do this. “We have to follow the law” excuse is now gone. The government mandated policies are gone. Now, they do this because they want to do it. Now, they are making their own policies and they are liable for their own decisions. Now, their own credibility depends on these decisions.

However, the biggest problem is still ahead of us. How do we return to “normal”? How do we restore the trust we once had in our health care system, in our education system, and in our politicians? How do we restore the work ethics and good business practices? Many employers used the “pandemic” to cut their costs, many employees used it to reduce their workload. Even the once legendary Canada Post was cutting corners and did not deliver packages to the addresses indicated on the labels (especially in apartment buildings). I have omitted the media here because this is a hopeless case. I will never trust them again, just like I would not trust the whorehouse mommas.

For me, it is time to regain my life, go back to my interests and hobbies, go back to my bubble where traces of sanity and integrity are still present. I will publish something here from time to time, when I find an interesting topic that deserves to be shared. Those who can think independently don’t need me. Those who cannot think don’t need me, either.

Thank you for watching and following! Summer is coming and there is more to life than…..

* * *


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