Bills S-233 & 67: Noble Social Goals or Mainstream Establishment Agendas?

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Comment: Re: Bill S-233: Perhaps we should be wondering why the banks agendas were so easily adopted by the governments, not the other way around.

Re: Bill 67: Initiatives like Bill 67 are ways in which the governments divide society and pitch different groups against each other. They remind people of the problem, they cause people to believe that the problem still exists. They create a virtual reality in which the problem is being artificially magnified. Basically, it is the “divide and conquer” tactic and it justifies the governments policies segregating people and discriminating against groups whose power and influence they want to bring down, e.g., the middle class, the “whites” and especially the white males. Upholding and advertising such divisions through various movements and policies only reinforces these divisions. This explains why the governments did not interfere with the BLM movement. Our WEF puppet even kneeled to them.

Also, equity and equality are two different things. Equity is creating equal chances. This means that “you can bring the horse to the water but you cannot make it drink”. Equality, on the other hand, means equal outcomes. And here I have a problem. People are not equal, some are intelligent, honest, and working hard. Others are stupid, corrupted, or lazy. The only way to establish equality among such population is by bringing everybody down to the lowest common denominator. And this process began when the new curriculum was implemented in Ontario schools after 1997. The most likely goal is dumbing down of the society, and it is working.


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