Why university vaccine mandates are harmful and unnecessary

“It’s been one week since Western University announced its booster mandate for the upcoming year, a policy that’s been criticized by lawyers, doctors, professors and Western students alike. Over the weekend, hundreds of people protested the policy on Western’s campus. In this special edition of The Andrew Lawton Show, Andrew discussed the mandate with infectious diseases specialist Dr. Martha Fulford, law professor Bruce Pardy, ethics scholar Prof. Julie Ponesse, and student activist Kendra Hancock.”

Comment: There is also the risk of “immune imprinting” and other similar outcomes , [ 2 ] , [ 3 ] , [ 4 ] , [ 5 ] that weaken the natural immunity of people who have been “vaccinated” multiple times. The science on this topic is emerging and is supported by a growing body of medical research as well as some of the top scientists and doctors, including the inventor of mRNA technology dr. Robert Malone. For any university or employer to push that risk on the students and stuff is not only ignorant and inappropriate, it is also criminal. This kind of coercion contradicts the principles of the Nuremberg Code, our Constitution (The Charter) as well as other universally recognized human rights and resolutions ratified by Canada on our behalf. Unacceptable and shameful. I hope those responsible will face the judge and receive appropriate punishment, one day. My opinion.


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