Bezos & Musk investing billions to transform America

By Maria Bonaventura
Senior Managing Editor, Distortion Report
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Dear Reader,

This is troubling. Have you heard of COP26? Almost nobody has. 

Amid the distractions caused by lingering health issues, conflicts overseas, shortages, and inflation…

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently took the stage at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland to address some of the world’s most powerful people, including:

  • U.S. President, Joe Biden…
  • King Charles III…
  • Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau…
  • French President Emmanuel Macron…
  • … and many more…

From the stage, Yellen called for world leaders to commit to a $150 trillion ‘global transition’ of our economy. 

Since then, Bank of America has signed this accord, along with 131 countries, 234 cities, and 695 of the world’s biggest companies. 

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have invested in this ‘transformation’ as well. What is it that Yellen, Biden, Trudeau, Bezos and Musk are pushing for? And what does it mean for your money?

Investigative journalist and renowned economist, Nomi Prins has followed the money… And what she’s found is startling. 

She says:

“While most Americans are distracted by mainstream media headlines calling for a stock market crash, I’ve found evidence that shows where the elites are spending $150 trillion to ‘transform’ the economy. Most Americans will be shocked when they see what happens next.”

I had to know more, so I scheduled an interview for Nomi to go deeper into the details of this ‘transformation.’ She agreed to do the interview on one condition: she wanted to record it so she could get her message in front of as many Americans as possible before it’s too late. 

Go here to see how this ‘transformation’ will play out – and what it means for your money.


Comment: No surprises here. Printing more money than the growth of real economy (products, services, resources, and infrastructure) and resulting inflation (read: money loosing its value) was then “reinforced” by outsourcing and offshoring of our real economy (read: investors’ greed to max up their profits at the expense of local populations) and by corruption of our politicians and mainstream media. These three processes worked hand-in-hand to create todays crisis. Is there a way to reverse this vicious cycle? I doubt it, unless some higher power forces the entire system to change. Unfortunately, I don’t see people getting ready to become that “higher power”. However, history is full of unexpected surprises. When the pain reaches our pockets and our families, shit may hit the fan. I had seen this happen before. This is exactly how “Solidarity” was born in Poland in 1980.

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