The Quantum. Why Are Some People Seeing Demonic Entities After The Vaccine?

As is:


Comment: Interesting… I am including this video because of the EDTA mentioned here. From the begining of this “pandemic” we hear that people infected with Covid-19 should not take Aspirin, they should take Tylenol instead. I was personally given this advice by a doctor at a hospital Emergency department, when I arrived there with my Omicron infection. This advice was contrary to my own observations and experience. My symptoms, involving “foggy head” and headaches similar to those described in cases of blood clotting, were disappearing after a dose of 700 mg of Aspirin. Tylenol was not helping, it was actually making things worse – (confirmed many times). Since Aspirin, which is a blood thinner, acts somewhat similarly to the EDTA and EDTA helps dissolve these mysterious blood clotts, I wonder where this misleading advice was coming from? Go figure…

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