Free Release of Tiptoe To Tyranny – Don’t Miss This Story!


Comment: Last Thursday, as I was driving to a remote location, I listened to one of the major news radio stations in Ontario. Again, the news was dominated by “Covid”, “pandemic”, and “respiratory viruses”. Again, we hear that hospitals are “at capacity”. In the past, some of these reports turned out to be fake news, our hospitals were actually less busy than before the “pandemic”. This time, however, the pediatric ICUs are allegedly facing a “crisis”. This, in spite of many credible doctors and scientists quoting data and studies showing that children are not at risk of getting life threatening Covid symptoms.

It is worth noting that a growing number of cases of myocarditis, blood clotting, and other dangerous conditions in this age grooup began only after the introduction and implementation of a “Covid vaccination” campaign for children. It is also worth noting that so called adverse events caused by the mRNA “vaccine” are seriously underreported in Canada. Somehow, “our” politicians and mainstream media are not aware of this, as if the topic did not exist.

Are they manufacturing the next fear campaign in order to avoid liability for what they have done so far? Mental void? Or, a deliberate and desperate attempt to force more parents to have more children injected with a known and scientifically proven toxin which does not prevent infection with or transmission of this mysterious and long ago patented “bioweapon”? Add to it the Sudden Death Syndrome among adults that began after the rollout of the C-19 “vax” campaign. Go figure! I have personally witnessed a denial of diagnosis and treatment in a case of suspected blood clotting and myocarditis. I am becoming increasingly convinced that the major goal of this “pandemic” and these “vaccines” is depopulation. My opinion.

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