THIS IS INSANE!! School Board Rules Trans Teacher With GIANT Fake Breasts CAN DRESS HOW HE LIKES!!!

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Comment: Now, I understand why the average age of empires in our human history oscillates around 250 years. It usually works like this:

At first, we work hard, exercise self-discipline and observe strict moral and cultural standards. We build, we grow, we conquer, we rule. As we get stronger, we begin to exploit others. Our own life becomes more comfortable, so we no longer want to work ourselves. Work ethics disappear, good business practices dissapear. We become less concerned about the society and the country and more greedy about our own comfort and standard of living. Maximizing profits becomes the only concern of businesses and corporations. People are no longer satisfied with traditional values, normal way of life, and modest aspirations. They are seeking “new and original” (and sometimes perverted) sources of excitement. More money, less work. More freedom, less responsibility. More style, less substance.

And so it goes, until we are no longer able to support ourselves or survive as a society, especially when we have been conditioned to depend on the state and the corporations with literally everything. Then, the elites decide that we are too expensive, that we have become “useless eaters”, etc. Migrations, mixing of cultures, and depopulation schemes are natural outcomes of this trend. Here we are, today, history is just completing another circle. Soon, in the name of equity, diversity, and inclussiveness, we will have mentally ill individuals “teaching” and bringing up our children. We should not hurt their feelings, should we? My opinion.


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