University Students Forced To Lie On Applications About Sexuality For “Better Chance To Get In”


Comment: In Ontario this nonsense began in 1998 with the education reforms implemented by the Mike Harris’s Conservative government. I remember that vividly, as I was taking part in the province-wide teachers’ strike in the Fall of 1997, protesting against the dumbing down “improvements” to the curriculum, the assessment and evaluation, and the reporting procedures. Between 1998 and 2001, I was involved in the development of software that was supposed to streamline the implementation of these changes. By 2007, it was clear in which direction the new trends were taking us – (see my article on this topic here). What I want you to realize is that the (in my opinion) deliberate destruction of education continued under consecutive provincial governments, both Liberal and Conservative.

Academic mission of schools and academic excellence as a goal of educational institutions were being consistently replaced by socialization and sexualization of our children. The unscientific gender theory was the latest addition to this package. Learning with understanding was removed from the process. I have seen officials who willingly and creatively collaborated with this agenda. I have also seen a pressure (and repressions) put on teachers to force them into compliance. This perverted model and view of the system served as a springboard for academic and administrative careers of incompetent or corrupted individuals in the government, in academia and in our school boards – people who were being elected by the voters and paid by the taxpayers to make the education system better. I will stop here because I don’t want to swear. My opinion.

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