Depopulation is the name of the game


I have just received an email newsletter from Life Site News. Here are several titles and links to the articles from this letter:

These titles clearly show that the focus of the elites globally shaping public policies is depopulation. Consistently, since early 1990s, we see sponsorship of women’s liberation movement, attacks on the traditional family model, attacks on religion, promotion of alternative lifestyles, unrestricted pornography, pedophilia, demoralization, spinning gender confusion, liberated abortion, reinvented euthanasia, destruction of education, destruction of health care, planned and executed “pandemics”, deadly measures (including toxic “vaccines”), destruction of real economy, man-made food and energy crisis, sponsored terrorism, never ending wars, destruction of national cultures and values, disarming of societies, privatisation of essential resources, implementation of totalitarian and repressive, unelected global governance… and so on.

All of this spells one word – DEPOPULATION. In my opinion, it’s obvious. However, given the current global population decline tendency, questions may be asked about the real goal behind the depopulation agenda. Something to think about tonight…



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