Debunking the mantra: Unvaccinated face prejudice and discrimination around the world

“People around the world show prejudice and discriminatory attitudes toward individuals not vaccinated against Covid-19” – reports Dr. Panada’s substack newsletter. Any such prejudice must be based on a fear that unvaccinated pose a threat to the vaccinated. This is a totally illogical assumption.

People who get the vaccines are either coerced to do so and comply, even though they don’t believe in this vaccine’s efficacy, or they believe that the vaccines are effective, namely, that they protect us from infection and prevent transmission. In both of these cases, prejudice is not justified. If the vaccinated don’t believe in the efficacy of these vaccines, they must admit that they themselves may become infected and may become a source of viral shedding and transmission. If they do believe that these vaccines are effective, they should not worry about exposure and infection.

There is a third possibility. Vaccines may work partially, and therefore, may “reduce the risk of infections and severe symptoms”. We hear this argument, too, don’t we? However, if and when the vaccines are only partially effective, they put pressure on the virus but are unable to stop its replication completely. This pressure forces the virus to mutate and produce new variants, which leads to a process known as viral escape. According to Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, [ 1 ] , [ 2 ] , [ 3 ], responsible for this process are mainly the vaccinated. The unvaccinated are either healthy and don’t spread the virus or get infected with the whole, natural virus. Their immune system learns to recognize the entire virus and learns how to defeat it “the old and natural way”. Naturally aquired immunity is more effective than vaccine-induced immunity as it targets the whole virus, as opposed to one or two primers taken from the spike protein, which leaves the virus lots of room to “escape”. It is also longer lasting [ 4 ] .

In vaccinated individuals, a process called Immune Imprinting is narrowing and weakening their immune responses by training the immune system to focus on seeking and fighting small genetic sequences of the C-19 spike protein and disreagard everything else. This is especially dangerous after repeated vaccinations and may cause increased vulnerability to Covid-19 infections as well as to other illnesses and conditions, like cancers, organ failures, and death. According to Dr. Robert Malone [ 5 ] , this phenomenon has been noticed and confirmed by emerging scientific research and available data.

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D. an others [ 6 ] , [ 7 ] , [ 8 ] , [ 9 ] explain that, in case of repeated mRNA “vaccinations” and, to a lesser degree, in case of repeated Covid-19 infections, it is not the virus or the “vaccine” that causes blood clotting and severe symptoms but the overreaction of our own immune system that attacks and destroys cells producing the foreign and toxic C-19 spike protein. Therefore, “vaccines” cannot protect us from severe symptoms, they may actually be responsible for their increase. Effective ways to improve protection from infection and severe symptoms include:

  • Improving our immune system through healthy life style, supplements and healthy diet;
  • Developing natural immunity following infection with the real and complete virus;
  • Limiting separation and allowing herd immunity to take place;
  • Reversing criminal decisions to ban effective meds and treatment protocols (e.g., Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, etc.)

Many scientists and doctors also point to a toxic nature of lipid nanoparticles in which the mRNA “vaccine” is delivered to our cells. Lastly, some scientific data and reports indicate a presence of unorganic and potentially dangerous particles in some batches of the mRNA vaccines. [ 10 ] , [ 11 ]

In this article, I am not going to focus on the post-vaccination adverse events which affect the risks vs. benefits ratio, when it comes to mRNA “vaccines”. I am also omitting the “bioweapon” aspect of these vaccines. The question, “Who is right and who is wrong – the vaxxed or the unvaxxed?”, is important but it has already been discussed in many earlier posts. My immediate focus, today, is on prejudice and discrimination. Are they justified or are they not justified in light of the emerging evidence? The answer, in my opinion, is a clear, “No, they are not justified.” There is no valid, credible, logical or scientific reason to believe otherwise. (My opinion.) Maybe, just maybe, the vaxxed are pissed. that they were brainwashed by the narrative and hate the unvaxxed for being smarter?


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