Back off, Gates. If you want more money, get a job.

Comment: Yet another hypocrisy by the depopulation-seeking “elites”. How can Gates claim that we need to reduce global population and, at the same time, invest in vaccines “to make sure that people live healthier and longer lives”? These are contradictory notions, either you support one or the other. You cannot have them both. How can Gates claim that we eat too much meat, that cattle need to be removed from the face of Earth (because they fart too much, which pollutes the atmosphere) – and, at the same time, advertise vaccines for cattle, so that they enjoy longer and healthier lives? Split personality, or something worse?

Also, if such vaccines lead to genetic changes in cattle, there is a possibility that, like with the GMO foods, eating their meet will affect out health. The same goes for poultry and other meat products. If these are mRNA vaccines, we have another problem, as well – the possibility of shedding contents of such vaccines to humans without knowledge or proper and informed consent of the recipients.

Short answer to this proposal is: NO!! Long answer should include the following legal provision: – “Individuals and organizations, who, in the past, were involved in financing, promoting, distributing or benefiting from initiatives that turned out to be dangerous and detrimental to public health or social or economic well-being, must be immediately banned from making such investments and conducting such activities in the future. This ban includes financing, production, and distribution of potentially dangerous products and services, such as pharmaceutical products, medical products and services, and food. The assets of such individuals and organizations must be secured and their bank accounts frozen, until a just and proper compensation is paid to the victims and their families.” My opinion.

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