DEFEATING DAVOS: Dr. Malone on 5th Generation Warfare

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Comment: School Boards in Canada have been infiltrated since mid-1990s. And so have the Teachers’ Federations (Unions). In late 1990s, planning was already completed and the implementation of the “project” began. New dumbing down curriculums and education reforms followed… and follow till today. More HERE .

A stupefying reform of education requires the creation of stupefied cadres, first. Parents should be interested in school curricula, but also in teacher training programmes. Similar concerns apply to medical schools and their curricula. We need a system that takes care of the patients, instead of taking care of the profits of Big Pharma. Both in education and in health care the private-public partnership (read: sponsorship) has to end. It has destroyed the two pillars of a modern society: public education and public health.

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