Breaking! NATO Launching Massive Attack Against Russia in Weeks


Comment: I was not able to verify this information but it seems possible, so I am including it here “as is”. Since 1990s (eastward expansion of NATO), then 2001 (9/11), and then 2014 (Kiev Maidan), the US and NATO have been provoking Russia politically, economically, and militarily. In case of China, the US has been thwarting Chinese attempts to secure vital to its economy maritime transportation routes since the Korean and Vietnam wars, and, more recently, the Myanmar attempt by China to bypass the Singapore chocking point as well as the conflict over Taiwan, and the South China Sea. There has never been a better time for Russia and China and their allies to respond and make a stand. Dumping the petrodollar as a global currency in international trade could become a nail in the coffins of the US and Western economies. Western economies are already falling apart courtesy of incompetent governments and corrupted institutions that follow criminal agendas of the financial elites, the WEF and the UN. This includes the offshoring, outsourcing and privatization of real economy (manufacturing and major services), the monopolization of the markets and unprecedented price gouging caused by corporate and personal greed, the lockdowns, pandemic restrictions, and vaccine mandates, the destruction of our education and health care, the demoralization and depopulation policies, and the list goes on…


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