New study suggests no correlation between COVID and ‘long COVID’

(Frontline News) — “A new peer-reviewed study in the Journal of the American Medical Association has debunked yet another component of the COVID story line. A team of 19 medical doctors and academic researchers (PhDs) led by Dr. Joel Selvakumar examined how common it was for young people to suffer from so-called “long COVID”. They found that people testing negative for COVID were just as likely to have the symptoms of the allegedly new condition known as “long COVID” as people who tested positive for COVID. 

The upshot of this shocking finding is “long COVID” is not a new condition or disease. A set of symptoms such as fatigue, pain and anxiety are labelled “long COVID” if a person tested positive for COVID. If the same person, with the same symptoms, tested negative for COVID, they are simply said to be suffering from those symptoms but not from “long COVID”.

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Comment: If this is true, then we have to figure out what is causing these “long Covid” symptoms that are similar to symptoms of Covid-19 and reported symptoms of post-jab adverse events. Based on my personal experience with Covid (twice) folowed by a long Covid that lasted six months in 2022 and just began to appear again in April of 2023, these symptoms are consistent with blood clotting caused by overreaction of our immune system. They respond to blood thinners and antihistamines. So it seems … but … this may just be a smoke screen.

It is equally possible that we are witnessing a 5G pandemic, especially the 60 GHz radiation. Before the onset of symptoms, I have experienced signs of radiation (tingling and shivering, headache, and accellerated heart rate) that were followed by heart pain and pain in my lungs. This was happening during some nights, usually after midnight. It lasted several minutes and was followed by headaches that lasted one or two days. No fever, no positive C-19 test, no coughing or sneezing, no typical flu symptoms. This is not a normal virus and, maybe, this is not a virus at all.

(P.S.: I am un-jabbed, so adverse events should not apply to my case, although I am not excluding the possibility of alternative modes of distributing the jab. Also, I live nearby a large nursing home (800+ beds) and a large battery of new 5G antenas aimed in my direction at that facility.)

This may sound like an alarming news but in my neghbourhood the usual presence of wasps in the Fall did not happen in 2022 and the fruit flies have disappeared last summer, Fall, and winter. This may just be a local phenomenon but it is worth investigating. Something is causing it.

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