llegal Shadow Government Suppression Of UAPs and Alternative Energy | A Conversation with Dr. Steven Greer


Comment: I am not sure, yet, if I can trust this story. Right now, I am cautious, even suspicious about it. In 1985, I saw official videos showing prototypes of flying objects made by the McDonnel Douglas Ltd. corporation. I worked for them at that time. There was no alien technology involved in these machines. It was more like a soucer with a propulsion similar to vertically taking off and landing jets. On the other hand, I was expecting the alien threat to be used as means of creating a global fear and using it to implement a one-world government. However, this discussion goes in a different direction. It looks like an intelligence operation preparing a justification for taking down the illegal deep state (shadow) government and its structures. I will not know what to think about it until I see and hear the June conference providing a credible and verifiable evidence. Until then, it is just a wishful thinking.

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