King Charles – the antichrist of England: The Heart of the Beast With Kate Shemirani

As Is:


Comment: Nasal vaccines? They are already doing it. Remember the Rapid Antigen Covid-19 test kits that they were giving away for free in selected food chain stores and pharmacies? After rubbing these swabs against my nasal membranes, as instructed, I developed a burning sensation and pain in my sinuses, going upwards to my forhead and causing so called “foggy head”? This condition lasted for months and was accompanied with blurred vision and other unusual symptoms. What was I rubbing into my nose? You can see the procedure HERE. If this procedure was used just to collect the speciman, it would not be necessary to squeeze my nostrils and rotate the swabs under increased pressure. Just the initial regular rotating would suffice. These swabs need to be analyzed.

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