In case you’ve missed it:

This 2012 video was created and published in response to ridiculous and outrageous statements made to me by one of the top Hamilton Conservation Authority’s officials. I had asked for a meeting to let him know that a large part of our local population in Dundas strongly opposed the annual deer hunt conducted by the natives in our conservation area.

For more information on this topic, please check my four related articles:

Please call or write the Hamilton Conservation Authority and demand that the annual deer hunt in Dundas Valley Conservation Area be permanently discontinued.

Hamilton Conservation Authority
838 Mineral Springs Rd, Dundas, ON, L9H-5E3
Tel: (905) 525-2181

Thank you for watching and helping.

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3 Responses to Renewal

  1. Is that HCA “mouthpiece” for real!? Those weren’t answers to your questions but pathetic efforts to cover-up the truth and the facts; these are the same types of patronizing responses by the masters of obfuscation in the MNR when challenged about the Shorthills deer hunt; you have provided more than enough historical evidence to show that any aboriginal or treaty claims are fraudulent but then the truth is that what these Haudenausenee radicals have been doing has NOTHING to do with traditional hunting or rights to hunt; it has more to do with asserting power and control over property and lands they long ago gave up or had no right to in the first place( a direct spill-over from the same strategy used in Caledonia); they got away with ignoring the rule of law in Caledonia so why not repeat the pattern by invading “protected” provincial parks and conservation areas.

    • Yes, you are absolutely right. I will write about it in my next post. The problem is much wider than just the conservation areas. It stems from the changing attitudes of our politicians and administrators who gave up on democracy and on enforcing the rule of law. They now seem to perceive their role as some kind of corporate CEOs. Corruption seems to be a factor, as well.

      • Of course the problem is much wider and only gotten worse under the Liberals who have shown time and time again that they have no solution other than appeasement, no matter what it costs the taxpayer, two-tier justice and suspension of the rule of law have become standard responses and is still the norm in Caledonia; corruption is also the norm and painfully evident no matter what the specific issue is, whether it be the extortion tactics involved in wind power construction, hydro lines, control of roads and land development and the list goes on…with the government aiding and abetting all along the way; and countless millions being made and going unaccountable as it never reaches the reserves or helps individual band members; “democracy” was sacrificed long ago and replaced with lies, fear and intimidation and a cowardly lack of leadership at both the native and government levels; in today’s world of political correctness ,greed and self-entitlement there is no open and honest dialogue or courage to initiate change and one is most likely to be called “racist” when challenging this unacceptable “status-quo”.

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