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In case you’ve missed it: This 2012 video was created and published in response to ridiculous and outrageous statements made to me by one of the top Hamilton Conservation Authority’s officials. I had asked for a meeting to let him … Continue reading

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Access to the Desjardins Recreation Trail

Although Princess Point and the Desjardins Recreation Trail are not parts of the “Dundas Valley proper”, they remain connected to it ecologically and recreationally. In this article, we would like to address some serious concerns expressed by many Hamiltonians who frequently use the … Continue reading

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Sanctuary Park: Summary of issues involved

We have reached a point at which a comprehensive examination of our goals, our findings, and our conclusions seems necessary. There also is a need for a thorough assessment of our actions and strategies, to date. It’s time to provide clarity by presenting the whole picture in one … Continue reading

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It’s a funny "security light"

After the seriousness of last week’s reporting, we finally had a good laugh this morning. Twenty two hours after the meeting with Mr. Propedo had ended, the sharp eye of the Dundas Valley Deer Association (DVDA) spotted what can only … Continue reading

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Meeting at the Public Works Department

Today, we participated in a meeting with Mr. Tennessee Propedo, Manager for Parks with the City of Hamilton. Mr. Propedo’s responsibilities include looking after the outdoor ice rink programs throughout the City. He issues the permits. We truly appreciated his willingness to meet with … Continue reading

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Re: Outdoor Ice Rink in the Sanctuary Park

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