Dundas Valley deer need our help

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It’s time to stop the killing and to address the real problem – corruption. All the reasons for the annual deer hunt in Dundas Valley, all the stories to justify it, turned out to be either false or no longer valid and yet, the annual deer hunt continues.

There is no overpopulation of deer in Dundas Valley Conservation Area any more. Their numbers are down, the damage that they have allegedly caused non-existing. Instead, the intrusion of residential development into the Dundas Valley ecosystem continues, (despite the infamous HCA plan to protect it), destroying deer crossings, as well as further limiting and fragmenting deer habitat. Public concerns about violations of building permits and related policies, reported to local authorities and provincial politicians by local residents, were ignored or dismissed. This indicates that mechanisms other than protection of environmental integrity of Dundas Valley, protection of wildlife, and protection of its unique character are a priority, today. Since no reason or explanation for this new approach was officially given to the public, we assume that our “leaders” are hiding the real agenda from us and we suspect that corruption is part of this reality.

The so called “Nanfan Treaty” has been proven wrong and false, both historically and legally, but this has not changed the official position of the relevant authorities on the topic of the annual deer hunt. The governments have not responded to evidence demonstrating that the Nanfan Treaty is a hoax. Officials continue to co-operate with the Haudensaunee (Six Nations) hunters, which, again, indicates that agendas other than reasons officially shared with the public are at play.

I personally suspect that there is a lot of pressure and a huge demand on the valley’s prime land and that some officials see it as an opportunity. It appears that some rich people, who have friends in the right places, make political donations, and perhaps share some cash under the table, get their way. It appears that getting rid of the deer is the first step in preparing the land to be sold and used for residential purposes. Aside from the demand and money, our provincial government is giving up on conservation in order to avoid conflicts with the Six Nations, even though the Haudensaunee demands are fraudulent, historically unjustified, and legally wrong.

It is really hard to imagine what else could have caused such a change in the attitudes of our officials. Not long ago, protecting Dundas Valley, its ecosystem and its wildlife were seen as priorities. It seems that this is no longer the case.


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7 Responses to Dundas Valley deer need our help

  1. The same travesty recently was concluded for another year at Shorthills Provincial Park, only with more tame deer taken and even further devastation of trails and park habitat; as usual the facts and truth as revealed by those such as you and me and even learned historians continue to be ignored; the media being one of the most complicit in showing willful ignorance and refusing to allow any meaningful dialogue; this year there was the added “attraction” of pro-hunt groups and university students comprised of cultural Markists , no doubt from the history and sociology depts. of Brock University; unfortunately they all had their minds made up before actually doing any real historical homework; they exhibit the same kind of denial of rights for anyone but the Haudenausenee and are equally fond of calling local residents “settlers”; as I have maintained all along, this is NOT about deer hunting at all but the beginning of another major move towards a land grab as was done in Caledonia….the “deer hunt” being a “test case” for another fraudulent and illegal assault on lands the Haudenausenee never had any claim to…as you well know.

  2. Of course this pathetic excuse for a government is hiding its real agenda and in the process is playing Ontario taxpayers for fools as it has done in myriad other cases; and environmental and wildlife protection is the least of its concerns;as I keep saying, Caledonia was so badly handled that it still hasn’t recovered because of the failed policies of appeasement and aiding and abetting to the point where two-tiered policing and the suspension of the rule of law became the norm; what is going on at Dundas Valley, Shorthills, Royal Botanical Gardens,etc is nothing less than a continuation of these cowardly politically correct policies; and it’s not just that Nanfan is fraudulent but that this radical group of Haudenausenee is also a fraud and is illegally posing as Six Nations representatives by using lies, threats and intimidation; the only legal entity at Six Nations is the Elected Council(SNEC) but their leadership is weak-kneed and easily intimidated as well and usually remain silent as long as their own interests might be served; among other things allowing the “hunting” in parks and conservation areas is certainly part of the Liberal’s diversionary tactic to take attention and pressure away from the issues in Caledonia which, if anything, have only gotten worse and will accelerate in the near future;in addition to the useless media we can also count on the all too embarrassing Ontario public (the same ones who keep voting these “criminals” into power) for its all too familiar lack of independent thinking and critical analysis; as for political leadership it was probably summarized succinctly by a retired Ontario MPP who said that he knew of not a single MPP who would have the “balls” to take on aboriginal issues.

    • Re. the Hamilton “Conservation” Authority, this and their other recent decisions render them useless both for conservation and for the public. They should be dissolved and the land returned to the Crown. Their maintenance department should be absorbed by the City and by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Unfortunately, both of them are showing signs of corruption, as well (as is our provincial government). Frankly, during the last several years, I have not seen the HCA officials do anything useful, except for the excellent education program for schools that is run by very dedicated and talented people.

  3. Pat O'neill says:

    What, exactly, are these “conservationists” conserving anyway? “Conservation” is often code for “killing animals”.

    I’m also very interested in finding out more (scholarly work) on the validity and language of these old treaties, and any court case outcomes.

    • Well, Pat, the owner of this Blog has provided all of what you ask for and more in the way of meticulous research which has widespread support from learned historians; this information has been available for years from a number of other sites as well ; just click on many of the links he has provided such as those immediately following this article…

  4. Nate says:

    I’m sorry, I stopped reading after you wrote “the damage that they have allegedly caused non-existing”. Have you walked areas in and around Dundas Valley? The damage from deer is devastating, and even if this problem can be solved, the forests have lost many decades of regeneration and natural flux.
    Of course, now with the ash decimation, beech on its heals, we’ve not much forest left either way you look at it.
    I’d be happy to show you copious amounts of deer damage.

    • I disagree. What you call “damage” is just a natural balance in the ecosystem of this area. Deer are part of this ecosystem. They use their habitat for food and shelter. You seem to view them as some kind of invaders. They are not. If anything, we are the invaders. Nature has its own way of balancing things. We don’t. We have done more damage to the environment then all other species on Earth, combined. Some experts predict that we will self-distuct as a result of destroying our own environment. Does it mean that we should justify some “hunters” coming in and killing us? Even during the peak years, between 2008 and 2011, there still was enough food in Dundas Valley to support the deer. But we kept closing their crossings and allowing more development, which further shrank and fragmented their habitat. And our “experts” on taking bribes have found a solution: – “Kill the deer.”
      For several years, I have been doing research on the seasonal movement of deer in Dundas Valley. There was time, when the City and other agencies treated Dundas Valley’s ecosystem and wildlife as a priority. It does not seem to be the case, anymore. We have been told many lies to justify the killing. I, and others, have done research and have proven these lies wrong. For the last three years, there is no overpopulation of deer in this area, and yet, the killing continues. It is clear, that there is a different agenda at play.

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