Comment: There is no proof that this provocateur was in any way connected to the protest organizers. I remember a statement by the chief of police, last Saturday, “We have our officers and agents on the ground to ensure safety and enforce the law, if necessary.” Somehow, they have missed this provocateur, did not stop him, or arrest him, or identify him. Instead, they were busy photographing plate numbers and peaceful protesters. In my opinion, this was an agent-provocateur. The fact that Freeland is using this marginal incident as a pretext to refuse answering a key question is further proof that this was not a coincidence. We remember the undercover police provocation during the demonstration against the NAU (North American Union) in Montebello, in 2007. Provocations are in their book. The Liberals should take interest in their leader’s past rasist behaviours, instead. Typical leftist propaganda, typical communist demagogy: no substantive arguments, just smear campaigns, threats, lies, and corruption. Arrogance and ignorance. It looks like she is serving a completely different agenda. My opinion.


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