Ottawa senior arrested, bitten, fined for honking

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Comment: I have often wondered where did Nazis find and recruit the Gestapo types, where did the Soviets find their KGB goons who spied on, repressed, tortured, and often killed their own compatriots. The same questions may apply to Canada, these days. I think it’s a combination of six factors:

  1. Totalitarian system and corrupted leaders that allowed criminal agendas to overwrite constitutional guidelines, human rights, and democratic principles;
  2. Hate propaganda, as recently demonstrated by inflammatory comments and hateful distortion of the truth by our officials, and most of the mainstream media;
  3. Opportunity that came with the declaration of the State of Emergency and extension of police powers;
  4. Criminal orders given by the superiors;
  5. Insufficient or wrong training of the officers;
  6. Aggressive personality and criminal character traits of some people who should never be hired by the police.

You just give some people the gun and power, and their true character surfaces. This is the type of people who take advantage of their physical dominance in domestic violence cases and other violent crimes. They don’t belong in the police force, they belong in jail. (My opinion.)

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