Trudeau warns convoy protesters: “you now need to understand you are breaking laws”

Comment: This reminds me of the speech gen. Jaruzelski gave on December 13, 1981, when his junta was implementing a martial law in Poland in order to outlaw and destroy the “Solidarity” movement which demanded freedom for the people and sovereignty from Soviet “supervision”. Same tone, same words, same threats. We know how that has ended. Eight years later, communists lost their political monopoly and lost the election. Today, we are even closer to this situation in Canada, as it becomes increasingly obvious that the globalist agendas behind the “pandemic” and “Covid measures” have little to do with science and/or public health. (My opinion which is not based on a pack of lies but is instead based on research, studies and opinions of many scientists, professors and doctors – experts in this field.)

I also believe that Trudeau is breaking the law by violating our constitutional rights, destroying our economy, spreading unjustified fear campaign and misinformation, implementing useless and harmful measures to combat questionable “pandemic”, dividing the public, inciting hate, and threatening peaceful protesters with violence, fines and imprisonment. (My opinion, again.)

BTW, I am beginning to understand why Trudeau is working so diligently on disarming Canadian society in a country with one of the lowest crime rates and why we need more and more immigrants in a country where many people had lost their jobs and businesses due to the lockdowns and “pandemic” measures. Go figure, again. I think the pants of the globalists are full and we need to watch them closely. A horse starts kicking when it is panicking.


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