Ezra Reacts to Trudeau’s Suspension of Civil Liberties

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Comment: Freeland: – “The Canadian economy needs THEM to be doing legitimate work. Not to be illegally making US all poor.” Here is what my ears hear: “You slaves have the right to work for us. You don’t have the right to protest and defend your democratic and constitutional rights.” It’s all clear now. By saying “us”, does she mean the elites, the corporations, and the investors? They were the ones who were losing money due to the border crossing blockades and they were the ones who panicked, when Canadian Freedom Convoy began to spread to other countries. I think, this is where the orders came from.

I have a few questions to Freeland and Trudeau: I need a clarification. How is it possible that in this huge country, with great climate, with plenty of natural, mineral, and energy resources, with one of the best farming resources, with leading universities and sciences, with modern technology, with excellent transportation, communication and public infrastructure, with healthy, fairly educated, hard working, and law abiding population, how is it possible to “make anybody poor”? In a rich country people should be rich.

What happened to our economy, what happened to our jobs, our businesses, and our pension plans, what happened to our resources and our institutions? What happened to our governments which were supposed to protect our sovereignty, our economy and our rights and freedoms, which were supposed to protect us from monopolization of our markets, which were supposed to enforce antitrust laws and consumer protection regulations, which were supposed to promote fair competition and prevent predatory price gouging? Why has it all fallen apart as if some aliens landed and rubbed us of everything that we, our neighbours, our friends, and our families worked for? Or, was it all a deliberate sabotage in order to make our lives so miserable that we readily accept the New Order, New Normal, Great Reset, together with having nothing, and being happy?

Where is the respect for people who build this country and make it work? Who fought for it, you, Mr. Trudeau, you Mrs. Freeland, or the veterans who are protesting with the truckers? Whose interests are you serving as parliamentarians elected and paid by the voters and taxpayers of this great country? By the parents of our children that you are depriving of parental rights in many ways, in the name of some neo-Marxist ideology and post-human SF utopia? Who has mismanaged and ruined this country on your watch? Who is responsible for it? Why and for what end was it done? Was it incompetence, corruption, treason, or a medical condition? Were you working for foreign interests, forces and actors? Were you working for Russia and Putin, who must be very happy seeing what you have done with Canada? Who allowed you to violate our Constitutional rights using as a pretext a questionable “pandemic” that does not stand up to scientific scrutiny and verification? Just asking…

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