Justin’s Corner

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau


“Trudeau is marching Canada down a dark path” –
It’s not a dark path, it is a “bright communist future!”

“Trudeau condemned around the world for moving to crush protests” –
The criticisms comes from varied countries including the US, UK, France, Brazil and the Netherlands. Not from Russia and not from China, the two undisputed global leaders in promoting human rights and freedoms.

“Invoking the Emergencies Act confirms that Trudeau has lost all control” –
Why? Perhaps because of his childish, ignorant, obviously unscientific, dishonest or incompetent comments on the “pandemic”, the “measures”, and the “vaccines”; because of his totalitarian policies and authoritarian style; because of his limited substance and experience. On the Freedom Convoy, he speaks like a spoiled child who steals a candy and then blames it on others. They are protesting against your policies, Justin, not Russia’s or China’s. This is why you have “lost all control”.

“Trudeau’s “emergency” is an assault on civil liberties” –
I wonder why. We will not need civil liberties in the New Normal. Everybody will be happy. Like in the Soviet Gulag.

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