Hamilton’s active COVID cases massively overstated by the city

By Joanna Frketich, The Spec

“The city’s COVID dashboard wrongly makes it appear that more than one-third of Ontario’s active cases are in Hamilton.

The number of active infections was inaccurately listed as 6,776 on the city’s website Wednesday — nearly 10 times higher than the 702 reported for Hamilton by the province.” ……

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Comment: Good article but one correction. The author writes, “While there is no way to precisely know how many active cases there are in the community because the general population hasn’t had access to PCR testing since Dec. 31.” This seems to be an inaccurate statement. PCR tests have been proven unreliable and responsible for many false positive results. They should never be used for identification and diagnosis of respiratory viruses. Here is Kary Mullis, the inventor of PCR technology and Nobel Prize winner:

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