Justin Trudeau just officially called off the Emergencies Act!

“Trudeau made his announcement while Senate was still in session to debate the use of the Act after the House of Commons voted on Monday to keep it. Had the vote been rejected against Trudeau’s demands, the Emergencies Act would have been immediately ended.”

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Comment: If this happened, Trudeau would look like a looser. Once again, he reacted like a child and backed off before being defeated. I think, this time, Trudeau has shot himself in a foot. He is finished as a politician and Liberals would be well advised to take this under consideration.

What now? If the Emergencies Act is not confirmed and approved by the Senate, its use to disperse Freedom Convoy protests and peaceful demonstrators, or to cancel bank accounts and contributions in support of the truckers was illegal. Who is going to be accountable for that? Who will be punished for violent police actions and for overreach of power and abuse of authority without a legal and binding framework to do so? The Emergencies Act has never been confirmed and approved by the Senate, which was a requirement for its legal legitimacy.

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