The Boundary Is Children, We Must Remain Unified -Dr. Robert Malone


Comment: “For the greater good we can disregard the rights of the individual.” – We have been through this story for children already, especially people who lived in one of the communist countries. “The greater collective good” never materializes, it is a cover ideology to protect the power of a small group of elites, either political or economic, or both. Meanwhile, what is a “greater good” if individuals in that group don’t have any rights or freedoms and are enslaved? You can see the nonsense of such concepts right here. The interpretation always comes from the ruling class and the rest of us have nothing to say.

Communist revolutions must use “proletariat” but today in the West, after offshoring of our industries and outsourcing of our jobs, there hardly is any proletariat left. Besides, the real proletariat stopped trusting communist ideologies in 1980s. So today, communists use LGBT, BLM, women, and other groups as substitute proletariat. Revolution has to liberate somebody or else it won’t fly. It’s actually quite simple. We are dealing with communists and communism being installed in our countries.

You are not paranoid, Robert. You are just “observant” 🙂


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