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The Bill Gates cabal is prepping for NUCLEAR war with these bunkers | Redacted with Clayton Morris

[Source] Comment: People who have a substantial influence on politics should be banned from financing, building, owning, and using any bunkers where they could hide after provoking a war that will put the rest of us at risk. They should … Continue reading

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Learning to be a Hypocrite in 2022

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DARPA, Our Minds, and The Slides Of Human Blood In 2022 After Vaccination


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Emotional manipulation is being used to play you like a fool. – Samantha Marika


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WEF has been ‘upfront’ about ‘Great Reset’ agenda


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The banality of pure evil


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Joydah Mae – Hands off Our Children

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Myocarditis and Blood Clots in Children Are Not Normal -Dr. Kat Lindley, MD


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