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We need to talk about assisted suicide in Canada

Comment: When I was growing up, family was defined as a basic unit or a backbone of society. Respecting this status of a family did not mean that we had to disregard the rights of individuals. However, disregarding it shows … Continue reading

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Canadian influencers speak out about Trudeau’s internet censorship bill

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Jagmeet Singh is asked if he will continue to support the liberals if Emergency Act not justified

[Source] Comment: No, this “would not be enough”. The bond is stronger than that. He, Justin, and Chrystia are playing the WEF’s game called “The Young Global Leaders”. It’s addictive, everybody wants to be young. Related:

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Unnatural (Documentary) – The social landscape of the world has changed forever

[Source] Comment: This is not only about cellphones and other communication devices. We are surrounded by sources of E-M radiation, including microwave towers, military and weather radars, GPS satellites, tracking devices, etc. Think about it: We can see in an … Continue reading

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