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Dr. Robert Malone: Something strange happening worldwide. It’s trying to tear our movement apart


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Pfizer Director Admits Vaccines Never Tested for Preventing Transmission -Rob Roos, MEP


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Digital ID Key Part of ‘Great Reset’ Neo-Feudalism


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On the data found in the vaccine adverse events reporting system / Jessica Rose, PHD, MSc., BSc.

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Former Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly testifies he did not request the Emergency Act


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Liberals push for concern over weapons at Ottawa trucker protest, police chief says no concern

[Source] Comment: What a moron! If a grandmother had a mustache, she would be a grandfather. We need facts, not suspicion and imagination what “could be there”. This is pure propaganda, not a fact.

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The Boundary Is Children, We Must Remain Unified -Dr. Robert Malone

[Source] Comment: “For the greater good we can disregard the rights of the individual.” – We have been through this story for children already, especially people who lived in one of the communist countries. “The greater collective good” never materializes, … Continue reading

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