Fact-Checking Chrystia Freeland’s Fear of Violence at the Emergencies Act Inquiry)


Comment 1: She is not a very good story teller. Actually, the opposite is true. Using her personal feelings to justify political decision is totally irrelevant and unacceptable. These people don’t have any substantive arguments based on science, facts, law or logic, so they try to manipulate public opinion with lies, with media generated virtual reality, and with fabricated perceptions. They serve an unconstitutional and foreign agenda. They have no mandate from the voters to do that. They should be immediately removed from power. My opinion.

Comment 2: She says that it is not healthy for democracy to make changes to policy at gunpoint. Firstly, nobody aimed a gun at anybody during those days. Secondly, it is not healthy for democracy to make changes to policy by using lies and feat mongering tactics. Thirdly, in democracy citizens, voters, and taxpayers have the right to correct the government because they are in charge, not the other way around. Especially, when policies introduced by the government are unconstitutional (i.e., violate the citizens’ rights or endanger the sovereignty of the country).


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