Comment: So, Trudeau believes that there could be some violence and that de-escalation was not possible. What if the citizens have good reasons to believe that policies introduced by the government are based on lies, manipulation, and fear-mongering media campaigns, as means to implement mandates and policies that violate our Constitution and put at risk our health in the interest of foreigh or international entities? Do they have the right to protest then? Do they have the right to self-defence? Do they have the right to demand that the government changes these policies or resigns? Last time I checked, in democracy the voters, taxpayers and citizens are in charge. They elect and pay their government to REPRESENT them and to implement public policies that reflect their aspirations. Trudeau’s approach, based on the belief that governments know better and people have to comply or face repressions and aggression by government forces, reminds me of the Soviet system. It is the opposite to democracy.

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