Justin Trudeau Testifies | Emergencies Act Inquiry


Comment: Why is he calling a legitimate and peaceful protest by Canadian citizens, voters, and taxpayers an “occupation”? This is THEIR country, isn’t it? Occupation takes place when an external enemy takes over our country or when a hostile government forces people to accept unscientific, unlawful, dangerous, and damaging “measures” against their will and denies them the right to protest and self-defense. Trudeau has failed to present to Canadians one solid piece of scientific evidence in support of these “measures”. He used his own opinions, lies, manipulations, name-calling, dividing, media fear-mongering, and police force, instead. The government stopped publishing relevant statistical data. The government banned effective early treatment medications and protocols. The government encouraged censoring, suspending and firing of scietinsts and doctors who spoke critically about the official narrative. The government arrested and imprisoned activists who legally protested against government policies. The government broke the Nuremberg Code by coercing people to accept ineffective and dangerous EUA injections as a condition to keep a job or access many services. What Trudeau says now is irrelevant. What is relevant are facts. This inquiry should concentrate on five questions:

  1. Were government policies and measures related to the pandemic justified? Were they effective?
  2. Were they dangerous to our health and damaging to our economy?
  3. Were Canadians entitled to organize and participate in protests?
  4. Was the “emergency” related to these protests real?
  5. Was the government’s reaction to the protests legal or illegal?

It is not possible to answer the above questions, unless the following circumstances are determined, first:

  1. Did the government investigate the apparent inaccuracy of the RT-PCR tests and other methods used to establish the number of cases during different stages of the “pandemic”and the need for so-called “measures” (lockdown, quarantines, travel and other restrictions, “vaccine” mandates, etc.) Where is the scientific data and evidence?
  2. Did the government conduct research and investigate the composition of the mRNA “vaccines” as well as their efficacy and resulting adverse events? Where is the scientific data and evidence?
  3. Did the government consult the use of these “vaccines” with unquestionable experts in this field, for example, with the creator of mRNA technology dr. Robert Malone? Did the government seek this important information from both sides of the debate (as the new premier of Alberta has done)?

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