My thoughts on Trudeau’s testimomy at the Emergencies Act Commission hearing

I have spent most of last Saturday listening on CPAC to Trudeau’s testimony at the Emergencies Act Commission hearing. My conclussion: – this Commission will not be able to reach an objective decision on the main question, which is, “Was the implementation of the Emergencies Act, last February, justified and therefore legal?”

An objective answer to this question depends on one and only one determination: “Were the Freedom Convoy participants right and therefore justified or were they wrong and unjustified protesting against vaccine mandates?” Instead, the Commission concentrated mainly on procedural and legal issues. Science about the “pandemic” and the “vaccines” as well as laws related to the protection of human rights were missing from the inquiry.

I would also like to correct Trudeau, who denied calling the unvaccinated names. He did but this is not relevant within the scope of this inquiry. What is relevant is science, facts, and data. Somebody is just trying to derail our attention.

Trudeau stated that there is a difference between people who “are hesitant to get vaccinated … for any range of reasons” and those who “deliberately spread misinformation”. This is not an accurate reflection of the situation.

“People who are hesitant to get vaccinated … for any range of reasons ” must have a reason to be hesitant. This reason includes information that contradicts the official narrative, especially when that information comes from accomplished experts in the field of virology, immunology and epidemiology as well as from medical doctors with extensive experience in cardiology, intensive care, pathology, etc. The “hesitancy” is not created by emotional fear or by “conspiracy theories”. It is created by knowledge supported by scientific evidence. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that:

  • The mRNA Covid-19 “vaccines” are ineffective (they don’t protect from infection or prevent transmission as a vaccine by definition should do).
  • The mRNA “vaccine” does not stay in the place of injection. Its contents, (including the toxic spike protein and toxic lipid nanoparticles), are distributed throughout the body to all tissues and organs, including the blood vessels, the brain, and the heart.
  • The mRNA “vaccines” increase the risk of widely documented, (although under-reported), adverse events, some of which are life threatening and include myocarditis, blood clotting, crossing blood brain barrier, and weakening of our immune system due to immune imprinting.
  • Repeated mRNA vaccination facilitates mutation of the virus and creation of new variants resulting in global viral immune escape.

The government has failed to investigate these concerns and to make public a reliable and convincing scientific evidence to the contrary.

You can find more information on this topic in this blog. Since this is only a summary, I will stop here.


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