Physics Professor Denis Rancourt Interview – Data Proves COVID-19 Is Actually An Illusion


Comment: Exactly! My doubts about the nature of this “pandemic” began early in 2020, when all-cause mortality data for several countries showed that that there was no increase due to the ‘pandemic’, or very insignificant increase in overall number of deaths compared to previous years. For seven first months of 2020 (January to July), the number deaths in Canada was slightly higher than the average January to July mortality in years 2000 – 2019 but the increase started to show in the 2015-2016 season. In Poland, the 2020 all-cause mortality was actually lower than in 2018 and lower than in 2019. Number of casualties began to grow in December, which coincided with the rollout of jab campaigns and commissioning of the 5G networks.

At the same time, our governments and health authorities were trying to convince us that we were facing a dangerous and deadly “virus” that was killing people an mass. Stats Canada and official sources in many European countries stopped publishing the usual weekly / monthly / annual overall death statistics. Globe and Mail published an article stating that the government would not publish such data because of the “pandemic”. This was a preposterous statement as we were asking for overall mortality reports regardless of causes. Perhaps our governments did not want us to know the truth about initial fear campaigns aimed at herding people into jab clinics.

Fast forward to 2023: – Serious differences of opinions voiced by various scientists about the virus and the nature of C-19 illness itself suggest that some of the “experts” might be in business of spreading confusion and cognitive dissonance. There is a growing number of observations that indicate other possible sources of this “pandemic”, including the new 5G networks, the chemtrails, and other ways of creating a disease, for example, banning of safe and effective medications and treatment protocols as well as censoring and silencing voices that question the official narrative.

The amount of lettuce earned by developing, manufacturing and distributing the jabs is another topic but I strongly believe that it played a role in the suspicious push of ineffective and harmful jab campaigns all over the globe. Greed is a key ingridient of our makeup. And so is our tendency to control others, which can be found at the root of all totalitarian systems.

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