Freedom Convoy 2022 and its political potential

By Lech Biegalski

In August of 1980, workers at Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland went on strike defending their colleagues who were dismissed from work for political reasons. Within a few weeks, workers in the whole country began their strikes in support of the demands presented to the government in Gdansk. A few months later, the Independent and Self-Governing Union “Solidarity” was born. This marked the beginning of the end of communism in Poland.

For 16 months, “Solidarity” tried to negotiate and force the government to accept some modifications of the communist system. Over 10 million members of the movement were able to put significant pressure on the 2.5 million members of the communist party but the communists controlled the state apparatus. They used it to collect information and to prepare their comeback. On December 13, 1981, they implemented a Martial Law that lasted nearly two years. This “emergency measure” allowed them to outlaw “Solidarity”, jail or intern its leaders (over 10,000 people) and use force against any form of resistance or opposition.

At that time, I had the privilege to serve as an elected chairman of one of the regions and one of 108 members of the National Committee of “Solidarity”. Later, during martial law, I was in hiding and then, after the amnesty, I was not allowed to go back to work as a teacher and a coach employed by our local board of education, even though this was a violation of the terms of the Amnesty Act. It was determined that I was ideologically unsuitable to work with youth. I sued and lost, appealed and lost again. Persecution was under way to imprison and punish me for my participation in a movement that demanded human rights to be respected by the authorities. Thankfully, apostolic nuncio of pope John Paul II intervened and I was allowed to leave the country with a one-way passport.

Why am I writing about this today? Two reasons:

One, the truckers and their Freedom Convoy remind me of the workers’ strikes that led to the birth of “Solidarity”. Their expectations and demands are similar, the action is similar.

Two, the Canadian governments’ reaction is similar. The communists and their media have called us “extremists”, “vandals”, and “criminals”, although none of this was true. They tried to paralyze and block the movement. They tried to infiltrate it and break it from the inside. Through their agents, they tried to organize extreme actions to reduce public support for “Solidarity”. They tried to collapse the supply chains and blame food shortages on the protesting workers. They tried to inconvenience and spread a fear campaign among the general population. All these fabrications were not true, as food producers, transport, and retailers, as well as schools, kindergarten services and health care organizations were exempt from strike actions – others were striking on their behalf. They even tried to plant fake evidence and accuse “Solidarity” of terrorist and criminal activities. They punished “Solidarity” supporters. They demonized the movement.

Unfortunately, I see the same type of attitude and behaviour in the Canadian government and most mainstream media reactions to the Freedom Convoy. They are even considering the use of force against the truckers who are widely supported by the society at large. Some of the arguments used by the prime minister and deputy prime minister are extremely bold, arrogant, primitive, and false. They lie and seem to provoke the people in order to gain a pretext for the use of force. Their fingers are itching for the trigger.

Using past history, I will now try to predict what is going to happen in the future.

The truckers may be pacified and dispersed. Some of them may end up in jail. More people may be forced to accept mandatory injections of an experimental pathogen, more people may die or get sick and disabled as a result of the vaccine’s adverse events. These are all bad things but from a political point of view they will be helpful in winning the war with the extremist elites.

People will never forget being attacked and defeated by the government that they had elected and supported financially. The government that was supposed to represent them. It took six years in Poland for the people to shake off the fear and strike again. This has forced the Round Table talks and an election in which communists lost the monopoly of power. Likewise, the Liberal Party of Canada will commit political suicide, if they use force against the people. This will be their undoing. Their hope that multiculturalism would divide us and disable us from standing together for common Canadian values turned out to be false. That card does not work anymore, even though they (and the NDP) are shamelessly trying to play it and to divide us (the ridiculous claims of racism, discrimination, anti-Semitism, etc.) This is a huge mistake by the Liberals and the NDP. This strategy is counterproductive and damaging for its proponents. It may also be viewed as a criminal, hate-inciting propaganda.

The truckers will not be able to stay in Ottawa forever. However, they should, as soon as possible, take advantage of the global attention to formulate and publish a program for the free world. We already know what we don’t like. Now, it’s time for a positive program which will reflect our aspirations and describe the world in which we want to live. The Peoples’ Great Reset. This program will spread around the world and will destroy the elites’ plans for the New Normal and their unelected one-world government. The truckers should not waste this opportunity, it may not repeat itself again. Even if their protest is pacified, they may still play a leading role in reversing the unconstitutional agenda of the leftists, in defending human rights and preserving democracy. It will be a perfect response to the government’s insults and violence. An example of such a project, or its starting points, is presented here .

“Solidarity” organized blockade of the major intersection in Warsaw, Poland, August 3-5, 1981

The picture above: organized by the “Solidarity” blockade of a major intersection in Warsaw, Poland (Rondo Waszyngtona) that took place on August 3-5, 1981. The then communist government of Poland described it as “extremist” and “criminal”, while all western governments supported it as a heroic struggle of the Polish people for freedom and human rights. Go figure!

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