The People’s Great Reset

I would like to ask you to consider writing a program for our own Great Reset. Maybe we should call it The People’s Great Reset?

Why? Here is why: The WEF’s Klaus Schwab in his latest book wrote that the New Normal and the Great Reset cannot be successfully implemented, unless people support it. This may only happen if there is a controlled revolution and people take ownership of the “victory”. The police will be pulled from the streets, the restrictions and masks will end, we will start partying again and having sex without social distancing… We will think that we defended our freedom.

With all this enjoyment and relaxation of the restrictions, people will be told that “they won”. They will celebrate, they will forget about the plan for which this pandemic and the restrictions were needed.

In the meantime, many small and medium size businesses will bankrupt and will be taken over by the big sharks for a penny on the dollar. The Great Reset will be quietly implemented – it is already happening, propaganda, corruption and speculation will continue, the New Normal will take root.

We cannot fall into this trap. The only way to prevent it from happening is to come up with our own program. Here are some major ideas for The People’s Reset:

  • Nationalize the banks as well as our fiscal and monetary policies;
  • Eliminate monopolization of the markets;
  • Restore market mechanisms based on competition;
  • Restore real consumer protection;
  • Stop and reverse offshoring and outsourcing;
  • Bring back our jobs and our technologies;
  • Bring back the American Dream;
  • Restore security of employment;
  • Restore work ethics and business ethics;
  • Stop creating money out of thin air and causing inflation;
  • Start managing the economy in competent and responsible way;
  • Stop borrowing from private banks and other nations, we have enough resources, we have universities and technology, we should be able to manage on our own and by trading;
  • Start using our resources to improve Canada and the lives of Canadians first.
  • Stop speculation;
  • Stop the wars and bring the troops home;
  • Become a trading nation, again;
  • Break monopolization of mainstream media;
  • Restore true Canadian national media;
  • Eliminate outside and private money from elections and politics;
  • Tax corporations fairly for the use of our markets, our resources, our infrastructure, our energy, our transportation, our communication systems, and our educated workforce;
  • Reduce to absolutely necessary minimum the number of “middlemen” in the economy. Let these people join a workforce that is actually producing something useful. I don’t want to pay $12 for something that is worth $3.
  • Restore local food making and trading; outlaw GMO and other “green” restrictions in agriculture and food industry. We are not cows, we are humans.
  • Disconnect the Big Pharma from health care providers, hospitals, medical schools, and their curriculums;
  • Restore prevention and treatment of causes that were replaced by treatment of symptoms. This allowed Big Pharma to make money endlessly at the expense of our health;
  • Reverse the privatization of medical centres and medical labs;
  • Restore quality education, quality health care and decent social programs;
  • Restore the value of a family as a basic unit of society;
  • Restore parental rights to decide about the faith, education, upbringing, and treatment of their children;
  • Stop and outlaw the deliberate demoralization of our youth;
  • Bring back the national anthem to our schools. If some immigrants don’t like it, why did they come here?
  • Promote the understanding and knowledge about the full spectrum of human rights;
  • Stop exploiting and using differences between people to create divisions and conflicts;

I am sure that there are many other good points to add to such a program. I think it is necessary for at least two reasons:

  1. To confront the Davos clique with a real alternative, a stopper directly targeting their agenda;
  2. To strengthen the credibility of our own actions against Klaus Schwab’s dreams of a controlled revolution. We don’t want to become “useful idiots” controlled by their sticks and carrots.

Think about it. This may create a strong platform for the next election campaign. It will promote your goals, our goals. It will certainly help Canada and Canadians. It may become an international movement leading to a major reform of the United Nations. The possibilities are endless and the moment is now. The “window of opportunity” will close together with the “pandemic” and we are racing against time here.

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