Time for change. We are outgrowing propaganda lies.

I do not support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but the problem in Ukraine had been created by the US and its allies in and after 2014. Applying sanctions and saying that Ukraine is on its own, that we are not committing our troops to defend it is not going to stop the invasion. Is this a script, a deal between the US and Russia? Is Ukraine the price Putin demanded in exchange for remaining neutral in the coming US war against China?

Russia’s concerns about the security of its borders in the face of NATO’s creeping eastward expansion were identical to the US concerns about Russian military installations in Cuba during the Cuban Crisis of 1962. They were ignored, although they could have been resolved by creating a neutral Ukraine as a buffer zone between the EU and Russia. Apparently, this was not the goal of the US.

Finally, just what difference is there between the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the based on a pack of lies 2003 US invasion and destruction of Iraq? It’s time for the politicians to stop lying and manipulating public opinion. We are not stupid.

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