We need to talk about assisted suicide in Canada

Comment: When I was growing up, family was defined as a basic unit or a backbone of society. Respecting this status of a family did not mean that we had to disregard the rights of individuals. However, disregarding it shows that family is being further dissolved in our culture. Why? In 1999, Noam Chomsky wrote,

“There is a campaign under way to essentially destroy the public education system along with every aspect of human life and attitudes and thought that involve social solidarity.”

– – The Progressive Magazine, September 1999, p.37

It breaks the society, it is making us weaker, it divides us. In years that followed, we have witnessed drastic changes: unrestricted availability of porn, sexual freedom, aggressive women’s liberation movement, “equity”, alternative lifestyles, abortion, so called gender theories, and now, euthanasia. As the prices on everything were increasing, the only thing that became cheaper and easier, was a divorce. Euthanasia also looks like one of the many aspects of the depopulation agenda. Anything that makes more people die and less people be born. I know that this is hard to believe but I see it all around us. It includes the pandemic, the “vaccines”, the wars, the changes in our education system, and the destruction of the health care system which can only be deliberate. Nobody is that stupid. My opinion.

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