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Hunting in parks is at odds with conservation

The following article by David Suzuki addresses a similar situation in the Kawartha Highlands Signature Site but it also directly relates to the deer hunting in Dundas Valley Conservation Area, Short Hills Provincial Park near St. Catherines, and other similar places proudly parading … Continue reading

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Where there’s a will there’s a way

Europeans are very sensitive to style. In each city, there is a department responsible for reviewing development projects and making sure that new buildings match the  style of the surrounding architecture. This seems to make sense. You don’t want the … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Chris Firth-Eagland, HCA

Following, please find an open letter addressed to Chris Firth-Eagland, the new Chief Administrative Officer of the Hamilton Conservation Authority. This letter deals with the extremely controversial issue of annual deer hunting in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

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Article in the Dundas Star News

Craig Campbell, a staff writer with the Dundas Star News, has recently written an article on the controversy surrounding the new outdoor ice rink located in the Sanctuary Park. The article is posted HERE.

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Sanctuary Park: Summary of issues involved

We have reached a point at which a comprehensive examination of our goals, our findings, and our conclusions seems necessary. There also is a need for a thorough assessment of our actions and strategies, to date. It’s time to provide clarity by presenting the whole picture in one … Continue reading

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It’s a funny "security light"

After the seriousness of last week’s reporting, we finally had a good laugh this morning. Twenty two hours after the meeting with Mr. Propedo had ended, the sharp eye of the Dundas Valley Deer Association (DVDA) spotted what can only … Continue reading

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Update 3: The lack of deer activities in and around the Sanctuary Park continues

During the last week, we have made a conscious effort to regularly check on the Sanctuary Park at night. Some nights, we were there two times. We were also checking the animal tracks around the park in early morning hours. Based on our observations, we now can, … Continue reading

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Re: Outdoor Ice Rink in the Sanctuary Park

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